Kamsi Beauty Creations

Welcome to Kamsi Beauty where all your skin needs are met. All products are suitable for all skin types and are handmade with ORGANIC BUTTERS & OILS to have your skin looking brighter and feeling softer than it ever has felt.

 You can also try our creams in your HAIR! They work great as a conditioning/detangling mask and moisturizer!!

By serving my customers with kindness and respect. Making them feel valued and their voices heard. By selling my customers natural quality products, they will feel beautiful, more secure, and confident in their skin. 


OMG!! I love your products! I used the scrub and didn't feel like I needed to lotion after I showered! I'm wearing the lotion right now and it is lite and smooth and still get the job done! Job well done! 10/10!

Purchased Sugar Lemon Cream and Scrub

Great products, I love the buttercream, not too thick and worked wonders. Especially on my feet. I used the lip balm on more than just my lips! It's a quick fix for everything, elbows, face, knees, LOL ANYWHERE!! Will purchase again!

Purchased Lip Balm and Unscented Buttercream

About Our Company

Janika Mbagwu


First, thank you for stopping by and supporting our business! This is a dream I never thought I would have but it has turned into my passion!

My children and I have all had issues with our skin. Both Psoriasis and Eczema has been a struggle. From the itching and the dry skin patches, as well as scarring. There are products you can count on, but most are some kind of  medicated steroid cream which consists of daily applications that over time causes skin discoloration, among other things. 

 Also being in Health Care for about 9 years, I know all about dry skin. Especially dry hands! I washed them so much you would think I worked a hard labor job. That's how rough they felt and looked!

 I wanted to create something for skin that was thick but not too greasy. Soothing, with long lasting moisture. And nothing with a bunch of ingredients you know nothing about or can't pronounce! FOR ALL SKIN TYPES! Including sensitive skin. 

Our products are infused with quality ORGANIC BUTTERS AND OILS.  All are handmade and designed to keep your skin soft, stay moisturized, and to help your skin flourish!